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Municipality of Faenza: SEA of the Structural level in the town Plan scheme of Faenza, Brisighella, Casola, Valsenio, Riolo Terme, Castel Bolognese and Solarolo, associated Municipalities;
Province of Ascoli: Development of tools for the environmental evaluation SEA of the urban planning activities of the municipalities;
Municipality of Pesaro: Development of guide lines for the Urban Mobility Plan;
Park of South Oglio:STRARIFLU project for the participative planning for the restoration of the Oglio riverside land;
Alta Umbria Environmental accounting of 10 Munipalities in the Area of Alta Umbria, project funded by Umbria Region (Ecoazioni is coordinator of the project since 2000)
Municipality of Forlì, SEA of the functional reconversion of an area close to an Highway.
Municipality of Gubbio (PG) ISO 14001 e EMAS II certification of the Environmental department
ENEA, Socio-economic Assessment of Annex IV and other emblematic Countries’ National Reports to UNCCD
Municipality of Rome, actions for the socio-economic re – qualification of the Corviale peripheral suburb.
University of Rome “La Sapienza” – ITACA Department, consultants for the promotion of R&D projects co-funded by European Commission
Municipality of Forlì, Mobility Plan: 2nd phase of the participative and negotiated decision making process of the Executive Plan
Municipalità of Forli, Mobility Plan: 1st phas of the Executive Plan e of the participative and negotiated decision making process of the PGTU.
Municipality of Faenza, acustic classifcation and monitoring of the municipal area
Municipality of Ostuni, Plan for the accessibility enhancement and atmospheric and acoustic pollution reduction of the historical centre.
Municipality of Gubbio, Environmental Incidence Evaluation of the New Master Plan on the Sites of Community Interest and Special Protection areas in the Municipal territory.
Municipality of Faenza, SEA (using the VALSAT procedure) of the variation 14 to the Master Plan
 Mountain District of Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana – Terni – Activation of the first phase of the Network of auto-sustainable micro-projects for ecological and economical reactivation of the rural abandoned areas
Municipality of Faenza, development of environmental standards on energy, land permeability, water and ecosystem
Municipality of Valenzano, technical and scientific Coordination of Acoustic re-qualification Plan – Actiona Area 4.
Municipality of Capurso, technical and scientific Coordination of the action of POR Puglia on “actions for the functional amelioration of mobility and public transports aiming to the pollution reduction with the use of best available technologies” 
Municipality of Corciano, re-qualification of Industrial areas with criteria of sustainability in Ob. 2 and phasing out. Docup 2000-2006.
Municipality of Umbertide, re-qualification of Industrial areas with criteria of sustainability in Ob. 2 and phasing out. Docup 2000-2006.
Municipality of Magliano Sabina, Environmental Restoration and sustainable development of Tevere Valley, project co-funded by Lazio Region
Province of Pesaro e Urbino, development of guide lines for the Environmental Strategic Assessment (SEA) of Municipalities urban planning
Municipality of Gubbio , consultants for the development environmental norms of the new Master Plan.
Munipality of Corato, Mobility Plan and amelioration of environmental quality of the urban area- POR Puglia  2000-2001
Monte Peglia e Selva di Meana –Province of Terni Research on the feasibility for the rural eco-development through the realisation of self-managing territorial micro-projects for the ecological recovery within an environmental energetic and economic self- sustainable scheme of the territory, recovery of the country building in state property. 1200 ha, 127 buildings . (Det. Dir. 156/t)
Municipality of Terni – Local Agenda 21
Information and communication to stakeholders- Report on the State of the Environment (since Gen 2003)
Municipality of Vernazza – Local Agenda 21. Planning and managing of Forum activities, technical-scientific consulant and EASW participated workshop, with the VIA Italia Centre
Municipality of Rome, AncientCentocelle District rehabilitation plan. INU - WWF - CER Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici - Ministero dell’Ambiente – ANCI. National Competition for participated urban planning. Second edition 2000-2001. Rehabilitation plan of a periphery in Rome: Centocelle. Winner Project – First prize
Project for PV integration in the Primary School G. Di Vittorio Umbertide ( PG). The project received the financial support of the Environmental Ministry (2003).
Region of Umbria – Local Agenda 21 Co-ordination and managing of Alta Umbria Forum: Gubbio, Umbertide, Città di Castello, Gualdo Tadino, 
Montain District Val Tiberina Toscana – Local Agenda 21: Fourm and environmental report
Municipalities of Valdarno Aretino - Local Agenda 21: Fourm and environmental report
Province of Perugia – Local Agenda 21  Forum Programme activation and Provincial Agenda 21 socio-economic environmental analysis. AG21Pilot project on 6 rural municipalities in the Province of Perugia.
Municipality of Forlì. critical evaluationEIA process for the realisation of a Thermal – electrical plants of 800 MW
Province of Lodi – Local Agenda 21
Formative phase of Personnel in Public bodies in Province and EASW participated workshop organisation. FAST
Municipality of Corato (BA) - Urban mobility quality plan- Services for improvement of urban quality POR Puglia 2000-2006. AFORIS, FAST, ECOAZIONI, SISTEMATICA 
Municipality of Terni – Local Agenda 21
Information and communication to stakeholders- Report on the State of the Environment
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