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Ecoazioni is a consulting company which carries out projects and research programmes for public bodies and private companies with the aim of a local sustainable development. The company's headquarters is located in Italy close to the historical centre of Gubbio, in a Middle Ages typical Italian city.


 Gubbio, historical centre                                                    Ecoazioni ' headquarters

Ecoazioni was established in 2000 as the outcome of a ten years’ experienced staff who works in the environmental field with projects and research studies concerning renewable energies, urban planning, sustainability scenarios development, ecological architecture end technological environmental formation. Ecoazioni brings together a team of national and european consultants, collaborators and researchers with a vast experience acquired in Italy and in Europe taking part both in national and foreign projects and researches.
The Company represents an innovative and advanced experience in the field of research and environmental evaluation, design and planning. Ecoazioni, from 2004, is part of the Federation of Scientific and Technical Associantions (FAST), and from 2007 it is registered to the National Research Register Office of the Ministry of University and Research.

Massimo Bastiani (Ecoazioni) with Nobelprize Rita Levi-Montalcini 

Ecoazioni has acquired their experience taking part in many European Union programmes: D.G. - Energy and transport (TREN), D.G. Research and Development, D.G. Information Society Technologies (IST), D.G. Enterprise, LIFE NATURA and in national programmes and research projects with several organisations and companies including: Umbria, Lazio, Basilicata Regional Authorities; Perugia, Cagliari, Lodi, Roma, Ascoli, Pesaro Urbino, Terni, Provincial Authorities; Monte Peglia e Selva di Meana, Collina Materana, ValTiberina Toscana, Mountain District Authorities; Municipality of Rome, Municipality of Perugia, Municipality of Gubbio, Municipality of Assisi, Municipality of Porto Torres, Palermo Environment Municipal Authorities; ENEA, Energy and Environment Agency for Perugia Province; PRAU – Rome; Mediaevo - Rome; Museum of Science Fondazione IDIS – Naples; Museum of Science and Technology – Milan; Crasform – Rome; Federcasa Nazionale; Legambiente Nazionale; Eurosolar Italia, FAST – Milano; Federculture
Ecoazioni has been consultant for ENEA in research programmes as Interreg DESERTNET – Participating Actions of citizens from Licata and Cammarata Municipalities to write Local Action Plan against the risk of desertification, and the Socio-Economic Research on Fusion SERF 3 - Analysis and studies to assess ITER (the first fusion device in Europe to produce thermal and electrical energy) socio-economic impact.

Ecoazioni has provided evaluation services, since 2002, for the European Commission in the 5th and 6th Framework Programme for the DG TREN evaluating projects presented in SAVE, ALTENER and Concerto..
Ecoazioni is part of EUROPEAN PHOTOVOLTAIC TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM – Working Group2, to define research strategies and dissemination of photovoltaic solar energy in Europe, and to contribute to the definition of objectives in the domain of the Seventh Framework Programme of EU. The Company is official partner of SEE campaign since 2009 with the iniciative Atlas of Renewable Energies,.

 Atlas of Renewable Energies offical partner of the SEE Campaign

In the field of Environmental Town Planning Ecoazioni has developed an important experience both in the field of research and project planning, supporting Public Administrations through the implementation of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Impact Assessments, as well as in the project management of environmental plans. Ecoazioni is providing technical-scientific support and training services to introduce SEA in Emilia Romagna, Marche and Umbria Regions.
Ecoazioni is accountable, among others, at national level for the project Eco-schools from the FEE International. Thanks to this project, 40 schools among Umbria and Basilicata have been environmentally certified.

From 2001 Ecoazioni is editing the technical-scientific coordination of Local Agenda 21 process and the related Reports on the State of Environment in several municipalities, among which Alta Umbria, that involves eleven municipalities, in addition to Umbria Region and Perugia Province; the Valdarno Aretino and the Comunità Montana Valtiberina Toscana in the Province of Arezzo. In the domain of Agenda 21, environmental accountancy and Municipal EMAS have been introduced. From 2008 the company has the scientific coordination of a national working group of A21Italy dedicated to the introduction in Italy of the “Rivers' Contracts”. Through dialogues between partners, a river contract intends to develop and restore the multiple functions and uses of water in answer to the needs of a community of users. Under this scheme, both government and private-sector players commit themselves by means of a contract to implement a consensus action programme to restore the river and its drainage basin’s water resources. Information and awareness campaigns are added to concrete actions of waterway development and different sorts of work connected to water.

Particular attention has been devoted to the promotion of citizens participation through the use of methodologies sponsored by European Commission, such as EASW (with a National Monitor from Ecoazioni in the european network since 1994), l’Open space Conference, GOOP and Community Planning. During the deployement of Company activities, 100 participation laboratories European Awareness Scenario Workshop (EASW) have been realized, providing a support to the development and the dissemination of this methodology, promoted by DG XIII.


Ecoazioni via B.Ubaldi,39 - 06024 Gubbio, Perugia - Italia Tel. +39 0759222693 Fax +39 0759272282 ecoazioni@ecoazioni.it - P.Iva 02477040543
by: Federico Venerucci